How Do Major League Baseball Teams Travel? Unveiling the Sky-High Logistics


How Do Major League Baseball Teams Travel? Unveiling the Sky-High Logistics


In the world of Major League Baseball (MLB), the travel experience for teams has evolved significantly over the years, reaching a pinnacle of sophistication today. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of MLB team travel, exploring the modes of transportation, exclusive team-owned planes, and the unique dynamics associated with player and staff journeys.

The Jet-Setting Era

Plane Travel: A Major League Affair

When the regular MLB season kicks off, teams take to the skies in style. The primary mode of transportation for teams is air travel, ensuring efficient and timely transit between cities. Only when the distance is within 200 miles do teams resort to bus travel, opting for convenience and speed.

Dodgers’ Skyward Legacy

A historic moment in MLB travel history occurred on January 4, 1957, when the Los Angeles Dodgers made headlines by becoming the first team to acquire their own aircraft. Investing over $700,000 in a Convair 440 two-engine airplane with a spacious 44-passenger capacity, the Dodgers set a precedent for the luxurious airborne lifestyle that would follow in the league.

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The Charter Chronicles

Not all MLB teams own their planes, but they certainly travel in style. According to “The MLB Team Charter: Traversing the Longest Season in Sports,” 24 teams opt for publicly trackable flights, chartering services under airline-specific flight numbers. This mode of travel offers flexibility and comfort, ensuring that teams arrive at their destinations ready for the next showdown.

Behind the Scenes: Wives and Bat Boys

Separate Skies for Wives

Contrary to popular belief, MLB players’ wives don’t join the airborne adventures. Strict codes prevent their presence on team flights, adding a unique dimension to the players’ travel routines. Despite questioning the norm, most wives adhere to the regulations.

Bat Boys and the Home Advantage

In a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes, it’s revealed that bat boys rarely accompany teams on road trips. The home team employs both home and visiting bat boys, highlighting the intricacies of team dynamics on the road.

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Answering Curious Questions

MLB’s Extravagant Lifestyle

To satiate your curiosity, we answer some burning questions about the MLB lifestyle, including whether Shaq has a private jet, if MLB teams have their own barbers, and the intriguing dynamics of players sharing hotel rooms on the road.

A Cut Above: Harper’s Barbershop Tale

Discover the unique setup inside Marlins Park, where players like Bryce Harper make the short walk to Headz Up Barbershop, the only licensed and insured barbershop within an MLB ballpark. A luxurious grooming experience nestled between the home and visiting clubhouses.

Jet-Setting Mariners

For the Seattle Mariners, it’s not just about the game; they boast their own private wide-body jet, customized to provide players with a comfortable space to rest. With a capacity for 60 passengers, it exemplifies the extravagant travel arrangements in the MLB.

Showering, Seating, and Travel Expenses

Showering Etiquette

Unveiling the rules governing showering at ballparks, we explore how MLB negotiated this aspect with the players’ union. Showering is “discouraged but not prohibited,” with guidelines ensuring a safe and orderly experience.

Seating Arrangements for Wives

In a final revelation, we detail where MLB players’ wives sit during games. Section 126 is reserved for the wives and families of the visiting team, adhering to contractual obligations that ensure both home and visiting players receive a designated number of tickets.

Travel Logistics

Delving into the logistics of MLB team travel, we explore the use of chartered planes and the preference for fast and comfortable transportation. The majority of franchises charter flights with major airlines, often utilizing the same plane and crew throughout the season.


As we conclude our exploration of the high-flying lifestyle of MLB teams, one thing becomes evident: behind the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd lies a world of sophisticated travel arrangements, luxurious amenities, and unique dynamics that contribute to the unparalleled experience of Major League Baseball.

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